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Dec 27, 2012
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I'm trying to decide which one would be better for myself. can anyone explain to me the difference between the two? Which one lasts longer? What is the best brush to use to apply these? any specific ones that you swear by? Also what would you use to set the tinted moisturizer/bb cream, and would I use a primer beforehand? Sorry if these are obvious questions, I'm new to all of this!

I'm still new to this too, but from what I was told, avoid BB creams UNLESS they are Asian ones. I DO have a L'Oreal one, but I never use it. My friend has the L'Oreal one as well, but she said it wasn't worth the hype. Neither of us tried an Asian BB cream, but I have seen people here swear by them. s:...

i'm trying to decide on this myself. I just went to rite aid yesterday and purchased a tinted moisturizer and 2 bb creams. I wanted to test them as I am not a foundation kind of girl. I have heard that drew Barrymore's new line that will be sold at wal mart has a bb cream very similar to Asian ones but when I went there the store did not have it yet.... I will definitely try it when it comes out. Currently I use Sara McNamara's miracle skin cream that is in medium and it's ok. it balances out my skin nicely but I think the color could be a smidge darker.

Tinted moisturizers are just that.. moisturizer with color. BB creams usually pack moisture, color and coverage, plus other benefits like SPF, minerals, vitamins, etc. They also contain properties to help with skin concerns, like acne, wrinkle fighting, luminosity.. think of BB creams like tinted moisturizers on steroids lol. The reason most beauty junkies dislike Western bb creams is because they don't perform as well as Asian ones and the drugstore varieties, ie Maybelline, Garnier, Cover Girl, are tinted moisturizers with new packaging. But prestige brands like Smashbox, Tarte, and others usually do alright. Another reason is probably that Asian companies have really been the pioneers in creating BB creams.

I have the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream and I have a Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer. The coverage is really similar, though the Dream Fresh is a bit more of pinker tone and the Physicians Formula is a more neutral tone. They look about the same with the same shade of powder over them, to be honest.

They serve my purpose just fine, and my purpose is this: sunscreen, a bit of color, and some moisturizer (in that order). The Dream Fresh is a higher SPF, but I think for my general use they are both fine. If I were planning to be in the sun for a longer time I would probably apply additional sunscreen.

The thing to keep in mind about western BB cream vs Asian BB creams are that western creams are Beauty Balms while Asian ones were originally Blemish Balms and were apparently designed for surgery patients to apply to surgery wounds to aid in the healing, protect from the sun, minimize scarring, etc. I think the newer Asian ones for the face in particular are probably more like the western ones, but perhaps they are a bit better. I have no experience with them personally but I have done a fair amount of research on Asian skin care.

As far as application, what I do that gives me the best coverage is this: I squeeze a bit out on the back of one hand, then I dab a flat top brush in it and stipple it on a part of my face (say my cheek or forehead) then gently buff it in, then do the next area. Then I press on powder with a sponge to set it and dust/blend that in very lightly with a fluffy brush. Do not blend too much or you will end up getting a patchy texture, just very light. I do not use a primer and mine lasts for at least 6 or 7 hours with no touch ups.


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