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Feb 12, 2005
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-Don't wear elastic pants - especially at holiday parties. This will encourage overconsumption.

-Partner up with a date or a friend at holiday parties. Keep an eye on each other as to not overconsume or eat foods that you normally would not eat.

-Chew sugar-free gum or mints at all get-togethers so you won't overeat.

-Make the holidays about family, friends and rekindling friendships. Keep in mind what the holidays are all about: focus on the camaraderie with the folks you love - not on gorging yourself.

-Limit or avoid alcohol. Consumption of alcohol will lower inhibitions, lower your metabolic rate and cloud your judgment - all of which will likely result in excess eating.

-Don't miss workouts during the holiday season. Ultimately, schedule some extra workouts during these weeks.

-Work out ON the holidays. Celebrate the days with activity and movement. Don't be sedentary.

-Get at least 8-9 hours of restful sleep nightly. Sleep deprivation will cause cravings for excess sugar and starch. During these days you want to avoid cravings, since you will be encountering a lot more of these types of foods at parties and get-togethers.

-Position yourself away from the food at holiday parties.

-Eat BEFORE you go to parties, so you won't be hungry. And be sure not to skip meals during these weeks as this will also encourage overconsumption.

-If it's a potluck, bring something that you can eat.

-Eat sitting down, and eat slowly.

-Make a deal with yourself: I will not overconsume or eat foods that don't meet my standards for optimum health during the holiday season. Always set standards high for the "fuel" that you put in your body!

-Take one day, one holiday party at a time. If you happen to overindulge (which you won't!) once, then let that be and move on to the next day. Then regain your momentum for optimum choices.

-And keep in mind: it's all about choices. Make the right choices so you don't fall behind and have to play catch-up in January.



The last few years I've done well during the holidays with weight gain. I always try to eat a little something before I go to a party and it does help.

Great tips!

I think it's too late though, lol gotta get back into my exercise routine

my endocrinolgist said i could eat "normally" for christmas and new year's eve, then go back to my diet for the other days. that's great because i used to take 1 kilo every year. she also recommended i'd do a detoxifying cure (for a month) either before or after, but after would be better. she said we should do one every year. i'll try that.

Great tips... I was thinking of the sleep tip and maybe just sleep through the holidays.. .. Be all rested up for the New Year and no eating in bed allowed.. Lol. I need to find a pickup hockey game or two....

I have a few in-laws that have lost weight and have kept it off successfully, even during the holidays.

My MIL has a very good tip:

When you go to get a full plate of food, make sure you only get a little bit of each food. You only get one plate of food, so you have to fit everything you're ever gonna eat on it (except for dessert). The catch is, every helping of food must have a clear bit of space all around its boarders. This keeps you from trying to fit too much on the plate, and you end up taking less food.

For dessert, you only get one. Not two. Not one super giant big one. Not one portion plus a little sneaky nibble. One.

Don't stand next to the food table.

Keep talking. Talk to people so much, that it takes you a very long time to finish your plate.


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