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Jun 13, 2004
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Split Ends

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Split ends occur when the cuticle is damaged and the fibres of the cortex unravel. The hair is dry, brittle andprone to tangling and can split at the end or anyway along the shaft.

Over-perming or colouring, insufficient conditioning, or too much brushing or back combing, especially with poor quality combs or brushes. Careless use of spiky rollers and hair pins, excessive heat styling and not having the hair trimmed regurlarly can also cause the problem.

Split ends can not be mended, the only long term cure is to have them snipped off. When is lost in the length will be gained in quality. It may help if you reduce the frequency with which you shampoo, as this in itself is stressful to hair and cause split ends to extend up the hair shaft. Never use a dryer too near the hair, or set it on too high a temperature. Minimize the use of heated applicances. try conditioners and serums that are designed to temporarily seal split ends and give resistance to further splitting.

Best ways to make you free from split ends

Yup, they can make you look impoverished. So gals, make sure you trim those ends before more notice it. Once in two to four weeks is fair enough to keep those splits away. But before you head for the salon, here's something you should know.

  • Do not comb in the wet hair.
  • Use a good herbal shampoo and avoid frequent changing of shampoo.
  • Make sure you drink a lot of water as water contains minerals.
  • Apply henna at least once a week.
  • Oil your hair with a combination of almond oil and castor oil mixed and warm together. After this, use turban therapy on the scalp, that will help penetrate the oil well into the roots.
  • Do not expose your hair to extreme heat or temperature.
  • Manage to trim off your split ends.
  • Do not back comb.
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