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interesting article! I wondered where the whole "100 strokes a day" recommendation or thing came from. Actually if I'm going to be wearing my hair up for the day I hardly ever brush it, just run a wide tooth comb through it while its damp and then sweep it into a messy bun.

Interesting read! Thanks! Luckily, I hardly use a brush, and when I do, it's a paddle brush.

I don't bush my hair just like the article says, I comb it after I shower and when I style it.

i don't even remember the last time i used a brush. maybe about the same time i last used rollers! lol~

great article, thanks for posting!

great article ! and absolutely true. i use two brushes, natural, only a few times a week. the other times i use a comb, it works better.

Thanks for sharing!

Very interesting! I use my brush maybe once a week. Usually just use a wide tooth comb after washing and then kinda lightly comb through with my fingers if it needs it once or twice a day.

I haven't used a brush in about a year. I don't miss it. My hair is much thicker and healthier to me.

I never brush my hair, I don't even own one. I just use a wide tooth comb when I get out of the shower.

I used to have a boar bristle brush, but it works well for people who do not have a highly textured hair type... that would not be me. So I gave mine away. I only use a wide tooth wood or horn comb, never plastic (the seams are bad for the hair).

to be honest, i haven't brushed my hair in years. I have natural waves (and frizz) in my locks and if i brush it, it becomes a poof and is more frizzy.

ive banned my brush and believe me my hair has changed for the good.

it really made my brittle in front.

back in the days they used to say do this for the scalp stimulation.

so now when you ban your brush you can do scalp massages and get the same effect instead of brushing your hair 100 times a day.

I have extremely thick hair, I just don't think a comb would do the job. I mean my hair is crazzzy thick! I don't brush it too much though, I have to wear it up for work so I just run my fingers through it after the shower and throw it in a sloppy bun! Anyone with crazy thick hair use a comb? Does it do the job?


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