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May 6, 2004
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To Fake or not to Fake? We all know at this stage how harmful the suns UV rays are to our skin (or at least we should!!) yet have we ever commented on someone looking unhealthy with a natural brown glow? No I didn't think so, neither have I - unless they resemble something like the leathered-orange skin of the old woman in 'There's something about Mary'. There is certainly something fulfilling about having a tan. It makes certain clothes look better, certain colours look better and also gives an illusion of looking a little bit slimmer even if that's just psychologically. Skirts in particular never have the same effect with milk bottle whites! That is why I took it upon myself to try out every single fake tan that pops up on the shelves. Not only as an experiment for myself but also to try and advise fellow fake-tan enthusiasts against the brands that were more likely to be orange more than brown and also to promote the ones that matched a certain set of criteria that fake tans must meet. There are a number of very important factors to consider when buying a fake tan. - Is it tinted when applying? - What colour does it develop into? - Will it have to be washed off after a number of hours for the “real†colour? - How long is the colour going to last? - How does it wear off with a splash of water or a good scrub? - How much does it cost? - How long does the bottle last? Now we also might need certain things from our fake tan and may need to have a couple of different bottles on the bathroom shelf for different occasions. Instant fake tan that can slapped on 20 minutes before going out can be a lifesaver but its not exactly the best thing for, say, going to a wedding; its lasting qualities are not what it is known for as soon as a splash of water gets near your nice glowing arm, you could be left looking a little blotchy. Not the look we were hoping to achieve. Sunshimmer or a Powder Bronzer is a good backup to have for occasions like this when time is of the essence. A variation on instant fake tan is one that is tinted as you apply it and actually lasts a few days. This is another type that can save your skin before a night out when you really want to get rid of that pasty look that doesn't compliment your new baby pink top! Lancome Flash Bronzer is a beauty must have if this is what your looking for, its coloured so guides you as your putting it on, and has a bit of an instant sparkle in it which thankfully washes off (you may want to sparkle for that all important date, not too good in the office next day!). Then we've got what really should be know as overnighters because best results are seen after 12 hours - even though they do claim 3-4 on the bottle. Of the “overnighter†fake tans which develop better the longer they're left on I have to say that St. Tropez is my favourite with Fake Bake coming a close second, the difference being that St. Tropez has the pump type bottle and its consistency is a little bit more fluid so you can gauge pretty well how much you want to apply. With Fake Bake you've got to squeeze it out of the bottle which sometimes gives you too much or too little. There are a few basic preparation guidelines that one should always adhere to! - Invest in a good fake tan mitt, they are readily available in The Body Shop and Boots. Lifesaver by all accounts girls! - Always, always have your skin completely exfoliated and shaved. - Moisturise your elbows knees and ankles and face. - Put plenty of hand cream on your hands if not wearing gloves or using the mitt. I am a bit biased about St. Tropez and using it is a bit of an ordeal but if you're free for the night and want that nice natural brown colour for a few days here's how you go about it. After completing all the prepping which we all know includes the plucking/tweezing/shaving and all-around grooming, put on the mitt that I'm a big advocate of, and starting with the feet apply plenty of fake tan and sweep up each of the legs in big strokes as far as the knee. Then continue up each thigh one at a time, applying the tan liberally on the mitt each time you move onto a different part of the body. Use the same type of strokes for each arm but start at the wrists and leave the hands and face until last. Apply the fake tan with your fingers onto your face because this part is always on show and requires that little bit more attention. Wash your hands, being careful not to splash your arms, apply more hand cream to your hands then getting a cotton wool pad put some fake tan on it and just brush lightly over the back of each hand rub in some more hand cream so that the fake tan doesn't soak into the knuckles. Hands are a dead giveaway when it comes to Fake Tan and nobody wants the brown knuckle syndrome nor the white glove effect achieved by completely missing them. The most important thing to remember when applying Saint Tropez or a similar fake tan is no part of your body should be without colour. This type of FT works in harmony with your skin so its only going to get as dark as your pigmentation lets it, even if you were a bit too liberal on one arm more than the other it shouldn't make a difference just as long as all the skin on both arms are covered. Let it dry for about 10 minutes before putting on light clothes then shower it off in the morning, there's no need to scrub and pat dry. Article taken from
thanks laura, very informative.
i personally try to stay as pale as possible. i sunscreen every day. some might say i take it too seriously. lol. im a C4 naturally, and i still manage to get darker in the summer.

Originally Posted by haloinrverse thanks laura, very informative.
i personally try to stay as pale as possible. i sunscreen every day. some might say i take it too seriously. lol. im a C4 naturally, and i still manage to get darker in the summer. Great article, thanks! Of all the fake bake bottle tans that I've tried- a lot- I was surprised to find that Epil Stop makes a nice one. I only use it on my face though. When I start getting pale it's a great pick me up. I used to go to the beach as often as I could. Now I am afraid of the skin damage and wrinkles. I miss the beach and the sun so bad!!!!

I also love the look of the bronzers like the ones mentioned in the article. When put on lightly, they give a super healthy glow. I love Revlon skinlights tinted lotion. I get compliments on "glow" when I wear it. LOL!

Thanks again, for this post, girl!

Its not written by me so no need to thank me! But ya, i found it quite informative so thats why i posted it..

Originally Posted by laura127 Its not written by me so no need to thank me! But ya, i found it quite informative so thats why i posted it..
We know that, but you posted it. So thanks for posting it! LOL!!


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