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Jan 26, 2005
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I got paid yesterday so here's what I bought:

YSL Faux Cils - Black

YSL Rouge Pur Transparent l/s - 23 (scary purple in the tube, sheer purply-magenta on the lips)

Stila e/s - Daffodil and prize

Stila l/s - Cynthia

Guerlain Bubble blush - rose chamallow

I'll have a play about with them and post some reviews.



Oh and I got UD primer potion too with my boots advantage points!

Nice haul!

I've been dying for UD Primer Potion, but I've got other eyeshadow bases I need to use up first. I'm trying to be good, but me thinks I will cave before it's over, LOL!

Originally Posted by FeistyFemme Nice haul!
I've been dying for UD Primer Potion, but I've got other eyeshadow bases I need to use up first. I'm trying to be good, but me thinks I will cave before it's over, LOL!

We have this store in the UK that gives you loyalty points so using them = spending cash. Bit of a no brainer really. I was going to try Benefit F.Y. Eye but I didn't have enough points and quite a few people here used UD primer potion so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I'm off to play with my new purchases now!



That's neat! CVS here is a bit like that, except they give you something called ExtraBucks that you can spend on whatever you wish. I, of course, always spend mine on makeup

Great haul Lea, i'm proud of you!! I absolutely adore YSL Faux Cils, its my HG mascara. I've UD Primer Potion on my wishlist too because of everyone on here raving about it!

The advantage point system only started in Ireland in November but i keep forgetting to bring my card with my when i go shopping so i know i've lost out on so many points. Plus our Boots don't have ANY high end brand make up. They only stock No7, Rimmel, Maybelline etc..

Ulta is like that too... they send out reward certificates... Each level reward allows you to get certain things on the rewards page - and you can split them up... like if you got a level 2 - you can get one thing from the 2 level or 2 things from level 1 etc. etc .. And at CVS I'm usually using my extrabucks on makeup too! lol

Originally Posted by Trisha How come ya rushed off hun?? I did try to say goodbye, then you got really busy with customers, and I remembered that Stila pay you to sell MU and not to stand there gossiping with me! I got seriously guilty

I love daffodil, I tried it as soon as I got home, and I'm quite liking the rose chamollow blush. It's very subtle and a nice colour for spring. Did you get chance to look at the peach one? I must admit, now I've tried the one I bought I'm tempted by that one too. The texture is fab.

Sorry for not saying goodbye properly



P.S. You always give service with a smile, not like the sour faced overly slapped woman on the YSL counter in Rackhams.

Originally Posted by Trisha Lealea!! (and everyone else actually!)
Guess what i bought

Guerlain Bubble Blush in Peche Grafitti

Guerlain Liplift

and the SA told me they are making the Cupidon lipliner permanent in a few months, so YAY! I can now use mine without the "oh no, its LE, i shouldnt use it all up" guilt complex!! LOL

Yay! Have you tried it yet? I was wearing mine today and it's still on, which is amazing for me and blusher. How deep is the colour of peche grafitti? If it's not too bright I might try it next month.
Originally Posted by Trisha Its no too bright, less deep than Amaryllis Rouge Pot but darker than Gerbera CC.
Im wearing it in this pic, but it does look peachy IRL not pink like it does here, but this gives an idea of the depth! xx

It looks so nice. I can already hear my card being swiped! How do you find the texture? I really love it, it makes it so easy to put it where you want it.
Originally Posted by keaLoha Nice haul! You'll love the YSL Faux Cils.
I do already, it's become a daily staple. It stays on all day, but comes of easily enough with my cleanser.

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