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Mar 14, 2012
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hello! I am looking for a dupe of Tom Ford's Black Orchid lipstick. I've poked around a bit and haven't been able to find anything that similar; I really want something with the intensity and vampy dark color that the TF seems to have (without the $48 price tag!) Any help would be much appreciated!

This video shows black orchid in use. I use revlon's black cherry, and it looks extremely similar! I've been wanting to get a tube of TF though to replace my lipsticks, because I've heard they're so much more comfortable and last longer on the lips. Black cherry does make a really nice stain and it lasts forever.

definitely revlon black cherry! i love that color! only in my dreams could i comfortably afford a TF lippie!

Try bareminerals black currant. It is a tad bit lighter but still extremely similar.


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