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Nov 16, 2011
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I hope there wasn't already a thread for this, if there was, I couldn't find it.

Has anyone tried this mascara yet? When I went to Sephora the tester was almost empty, so I just bought the mascara anyway. I'm still not sure what I think of it, and at $35, I'm not sure it's worth keeping. I tried it the way the box says and was not impressed, so I added an extra top coat and my boyfriend told me I look like I had caterpillars on my eyes. Lol, not what I was going for! Is there a special trick to this?

Not all mascaras work on everyone the same way. I say give it one more try and use a spoolie in between applying mascara coats. If it still doesn't work for you return it and get your money back then try Milani's new mascara (I haven't tried but the mascara wand looks promising).

I bought this about a month ago and am really impressed.  I have light blonde medium length lashes and it almost doubles the length.  I apply the first coat of mascara and immediately apply the fibers and then add the second coat of mascara.  So I don't let the first coat of mascara dry at all.  It looked way better for me and less clumping occurred. So if you haven't already, maybe try that?  Let us know :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I think I tried it a total of 3 times, the one time that I actually did wait for it to dry between coats was the time it looked the best, but (for me, at least) it still didn't seem worth $35. I'm still liking my Dior Extase sample from the May BB, so I'll probably just buy the full size of that. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I got the mini size $10 one to test it out from Sephora and I thought it was okay.  Ironically it didn't perform better than my fullsize $6-7 drugstore mascara but I'm glad I got to try it out. I found the rubber bristles a bit to spaced apart and rough.