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Jun 13, 2004
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Based on what we're seeing for Spring so far doesn't this look like a Spring collection? It's says that this is the holiday 2004 collection.

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Get dolled up in vintage glam this holiday season with the latest look from Too Faced creator and celebrity makeup artist Jerrod Blandino. Classic shades layered over skin-perfecting potions, plus a touch of Hollywood glamour, will make you the center of attention at any soiree.

Too Faced Little Black Box - Beauty

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=medium colSpan=2>World-famous makeup artist and Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino has created your personal all-access pass to a perfectly coordinated, fabulous face. No one needs to know that it wasn't you who put this fabulous combination of shimmering shadows and glimmering glosses together—that will be our little secret. This mirrored palette includes eyeshadows in Plum Brown, Rose Ice, Speckled Fawn, and lip colors in Pink Glam, Jelly, Gilded Grapefruit and Pink Chocolate.


I've been wanting to try Too Faced products and these colors look great. Especially the palettes are interesting. Thanks for posting this!!

Too Faced is one of my favorite brands.

I wasn't too impressed with the shadows in the Black Box, though.

They do have some new e/s duos coming out! I can't wait until they get to my Sephora! I'm not much for ordering online.


Full Frontal

(bronzed chocolate & spiced orange)



I Know What Boys Want

(soft raisin & strawberry milkshake pink)



Little Black Dress

(black velvet glitter & golden pink linen)



Party Girl

(crushed amethyst & frozen sand)



Steel Magnolias

(lime sparkle & pink foil)


I really want Party Girl & Steel Magnolias! Those are my kind of colors!

Ooh! This colors are so pretty! I really like Party Girl too! I Know What Boys Want is my other favorite.

Those are nice!! In the top pic... is that lip gloss in that tube w/ the little brush on the end??? That looks like a nice nude

Or if its concealer or something else... well, then it would MAKE a nice nude gloss! LOL


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