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Jan 4, 2007
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okay! a few weeks ago I was whinging about my tooth pain rah di rah and how I thought it was dying.

WELLL.. today I went to the dentist and here is the update

they did the xray and nothing showed up at all. He did a cold-test and I couldn't feel anything, so he decided to go ahead and do a root canal because everything apart from the xray suggested the nerve was dead.

Usually with a root canal, the whole area is drained of blood and gunk and god knows what else, but when he drilled inside, there was nothing in there at all.

Just an empty cave!!

this is not common at all, because it means the tooth has been dead for some time, and also, that the dead material has either escaped upward and been blown out of my nose (ewwww)

the dentist said it's uncommon for root pain to just go away like mine did, so he's hoping the whole thing proceeds like a normal root canal. I have to go back next week for him to take the antibiotics out of the cavity and fill it in etc etc.

So there you are. I'm a freakshow in the front tooth department

Interesting! I'm glad your pain went away.

I've never had a root canal done. Does he drill into your tooth? Does that mean your tooth was hollow?

LOL @ kelly...

um, yes, they drill into the tooth, right through to the bone/gum. So, a good 2cm! then they use these little things that look like screws to clean the area out.

The whole tooth wasn't hollow, just the place where the root should be. There should have been either a root in that place, or if no root, at least blood or whatever. There was nothing. Bizare

nah... but because the tooth is dead it might go grey
I might need a crown or a veneer on it so it looks like the other teeth.

My right front tooth has a calcified root, if I recall it correctly. It hurts with heat and since the root is weird the tooth has a different color though is not very noticeable. The root is there though, your case is indeed special!

Very strange Rosie, I have never heard of a case like that!

Well, I've never had a root canal, but usually, I always hear from people that it's kinda uncomfortable. I guess it's a good thing yours was not so unpleasant, eh?

I hope it feels better now!!! sometimes this happens when you've had trauma of some sort to the tooth along time ago and the tooth just slowly dies.

the tooth wouldn't be loose b/c the root is still there just the nerve inside will be gone and the hollow space will be filled with a plastic/rubber type substance.

good luck with your next appointment!

well guess what, something similar happened to me, a few years ago. i had some braces and on the big teeth on each side was a ring supporting the whole braces. so when doing xrays (i had more than few) nothing could show up. but when i got my braces off, the dentist just realised my right tooth was dead, so now i have a crown. greeeat. i was so pissed ! but as it is deep in my mouth, it's not noticeable so now i'm used to it.

I had a root canal like 3 weeks ago I was all paranoid and scare because the told me the pain was very painful afterwards it was not that bad after all they gave pain killers and antiobiotics.Glad you found out what was wrong.


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