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Sep 1, 2007
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Have you ever watched reruns of Gilligan's Island? They were supposed to be going on a 3 hour tour, yet somehow Ginger packed 5 years worth of clothing.


So my question for you Ginger's and Mary Ann's, if you were going to be stuck on an island and only could bring about $500 worth of clothing with you, what would you bring? We'll say the island is temperate so the weather shouldn't affect your decision and as on Gilligan's Island there will be parties and celebrities passing through so it shouldn't all be practical.

Lots of summer dresses and a sweater or two for night. And LOTS of underwear! lol.

I wouldn't bring denim because I hate it when it gets wet! lol.

Oh, and I'd pack swimsuits! lol.

Summer dresses, tanks, cami's, sweats/shorts for night, sweatshirt or two, and jeans, for walking in the brush and stuff.

shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, few pair of pants and some long sleeve shirts,

underwear, and windbreaker

i'd proably just go naked. & i'm being completely honest. no tan lines. if i really needed clothes maybe i'd bring a few pairs of shorts & shirts, a couple bathing suits, some underwear & bras, running shoes & workout clothes (what can i say? haha). I'd probably bring a little black dress & one extravagant alex-do-you-still-think-youre-a-disney-princess dress, because i'd feel amazing in it. I wouldnt bring many shoes, they'd get stuck in the sand :/ just flipflops for me ;]

short skirts, short summer dresses, cute tops, undies, sandals cause heels will get stuck on sand. Polo jackets for when it get chilly.



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