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Jun 11, 2005
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It may only be mid-August, but it’s time to start thinking about what fashion you’ll be stocking your winter wardrobe with. You don’t have to buy anything yet, but get an idea of what’s going to be cool for chillier months so you have a chance to shop around.
Hats aren’t exactly gorgeous, usually they’re unflattering, but nothing is more atrocious that flaming red ears, blue lips and a chattering jaw from the biting cold. Here’s a little assortment of some chapeaus for the snow from designers Chanel, Prada, Hugo Boss and Baby Phat.



I live in an area that gets pretty cold and sometimes I am all about Hats!! I actually think all the ones pictured here are cute. I would wear them with a turtleneck, jeans and some nice boots.
Are you a Hat person??
the first hat looks like what a russian cossack would have worn back in the 19th


the last hat is cute,imo

i dont like any of those, but during the winter i am a hat person, they have to be cuter than that though, most of those have like dog ears or something :S

oh i so want to be a hat person i bought an awesome fedora a little while ago and havent had the ehm..balls to wear it as yet! lol i might wear it out on a night out or something before it gets too warm over here ..(where heading head onto spring in a week and half) yee haa!

p.s. i would actually wear the one that has the flappy bits over the ears. loving that!

I prefer my hats to be more functional. I also don't wear fur. So those flappy caps are out for me.

I'm not a hat person, but I do have one of those "fargo" hats.

I was walking around Pier 39 in them - should've seen the stares I got. Haha.

I don't care - I felt cool in the inside.

I have a hat I bought end of last winter that I really love! That hat really made me love them- I never used to wear them before. I plan on getting a few more with matching scarves or gloves. Canadian winters are oh so longgggggggg gotta find a way to look cute even when you 20 feet deep in snow

i wish i could wear a hat! i think i look so bad in them. those hats are too crazy for me, though.