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Sep 27, 2003
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Neutrogena came out with a new hair care line called Triple Moisture. I've seen it advertised in a lot of magazines. I'm thinking about trying these.


i got the conditioner and it is really good. For me is like the pantene conditioner.

it works reaaaaaaally good on my wavy dry thick hair.

I'm a big lover of their new line. I've even done reviews on them. Their daily deep conditioner is great. I went to the beach last week, washed and conditioned my hair before I left, after a dip in the ocean my hair was still soft and manageable. It didn't stiffen up from the saltwater.

i have the serum, it's pretty good. Whenever you buy a shampoo, check the ingredients and make sure it doesn't contain SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE..this dulls hair and strips be careful!

I love this line!! I've tried the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and some serum and it makes my hair really soft.

I use this and alternate with my usual Pantene.

I've tried the deep conditioner, but found it to be way too heavy for my hair. It looked like Exxon Valdez took a cruise right up my part. lol


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