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Jul 25, 2012
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Hi. I'm having trouble finding the right makeup for my skin. I've tried everything from Mac, Mary Kay, Avon, Sephora, Clinique, Shiseido, etc. Can you please tell me what works? I have super oily skin. I described my skin here, sorry, I don't feel like retyping it. 


Mineral foundation will well your oily skin. They do a better job at absorbing oil. They may also calm any irritations.

I second mineral makeup. I have very sensitive, oily/combo skin and it works really well for me.

Have you tried Physician's Formula? They have many different blends, and it is all very non-irritating. I like their airbrush powder foundation--it really keeps shine and oil at bay all day, but still makes your skin look silky smooth--and it didn't break me out, when the majority of other makeups did.

Try Mineral makeup and finish with something like Skindinavia which will control the oil for 12-16 hours. 

I actually liked Mary Kay's foundation, it never broke me out. I still use it sometimes when I look a splotchy mess. Mary Kay medium coverage is what I use. If you can isolate what is causing your breakouts(?) you can tone them down (for me, I break out when I use "anti-acne" products). To tame oil you could use vinegar (regular or apple cider) as a toner. Grapeseed oil will keep your skin moisturized so it doesn't panic and produce a lot of oil because it feels dry or stressed.


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