TUT TUT I blame the Americans

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Aug 23, 2004
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For the last month, i have had silent calls on my phone at home. I have been really peed off with this as when i answered the phone it went dead. After wracking my brain (which hurt) I could not figure out who maybe doing this to me and i got quite upset and paranoid.

I found out yesterday that the calls were being made from the USA, yes, the USA TUT TUT.

A computer from a sales company was calling me at random and then waiting for an available operator. When no op was available it cut off and so i got silent calls. I have put a stop to these shenanigans now. Do any of you ever get these types of calls in the USA ?

Pesky American sales people

PS imagine some bloke from Yorkshire calling you up in Alabama and asking if you would like to by new windows lol.

oh boy Donna... you have NO IDEA!!! lol thats why just about everyone has caller ID, are on the Do Not Call List, and pretty much only use cell phones! LOL

We get TONS of telemarketers selling us anything you can think of... they probably can't find anyone here to buy their stuff or sign up for their "deals" - so they're branching out to the UK! LOL

We rarely get sales calls at home in Ireland. Maybe once a year we get people ringing asking us would we participate in a survey for 10 minutes but that's just about it. In work though, i've had the european centre for Microsoft ringing non-stop for the past few months asking to speak to the MD. You'd think they'd get the hint after 3 months of him being "on the phone every time they call"!!!