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May 19, 2006
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In November, a mother (with her two daughters and a family friend in tow) rushed to a school in Charlotte, N.C., to defend her 15-year-old son, who had been complaining of bullying. (Logically, a defense by one's mother might not put an end to bullying.) [Arizona Republic-AP, 11-16-06]

The South Korean government commenced a pilot program in March to supply to-and-from-school bodyguards for kids who complain about bullying (to be funded by private donations). However, the bodyguards would not actually sit with kids in class. [CNN-Reuters, 2-26-07]

Seattle parents of 9-year-old "Ashley" announced they have decided to give her intensive hormone therapy, which will likely cause her not to grow beyond her current stature (4-foot-5, 75 pounds), in that she has a likely permanent brain impairment that prevents her from almost all of life's activities (walking, talking, eating, keeping upright). The parents decided that, since she requires constant care, their incentive to take her places and engage her would be increased if she were of a manageable size rather than a full-grown adult. [Los Angeles Times, 1-3-07]


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