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Jan 4, 2007
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well, I was saying in the general thread that I'm getting eye surgery in 10 days, and one of the recovery procedures is that you cant wear eyemakeup for around 2 weeks!

I'm really excited about the surgery, but I'm actually quite nervous as well, and the no eyemakeup thing is another worry - I don't think I've been out of the house without eyemakeup for around 6 years!

I had the idea of getting my eyelashes tinted beforehand to make me feel a bit more comfortable.I guess it sounds really lame and sad that I cant even cope for 2 weeks without eyemakeup, but it's really hard when I'm so used to it.

have you ever had an enforced makeup break? how did you cope? how long was it?
I'll be interested to hear your opinions

i would check with your doctor before you tint your lashes. make sure it is ok to do that.

i went through a really bad depression and didn't care at all about makeup for quite awhile. that was after being a total junkie.

yes two weeks sounds like a ling time but when it comes to your eyes you probably don't want to take any chances. you might end up not being able to see to put any eye makeup on...

i'll be thinking about you and your surgery and hoping it all goes well. i will check out your other post on it. you will still be able to post here won't you?!

My best friend JUST had eye surgery. It wasn't Lasik, but I can't remember the name. First she wasn't allowed to wear contacts for 2 months and had to wear glasses which she hated then 2 weeks ahead of the surgery, no makeup for her either. She is the head of one of our county Departments and she said that was the hardest. When she would have a meeting with the county commissioners and no mascara. In the end she said it was so worth it. She has always had horrible eyesight. She is 39 now and has never been able to see this well. Good luck. The 2 weeks will be over before you know it.

wanna know what sucks too? allergies that mess with your eyelids. i've stopped putting makeup since june(and goodbye contacts too of course). i tried my fyrinnae e/s at the end of august, but then the symtoms came back, and i still can't wear anything.

it's frustrating, but i'm learning to put darker shades of pink lipgloss on my lips and go as bold on the lips as i can go with my eyes. i'm even planning to visit MAC to get a red lipstick
so try to do that instead, it's like a mini DTB with yourself

Good luck with your surgery, and as karrieann said, I would say check with your doctor before tinting your eyelashes.

I've gone without makeup, but it's usually by choice. Like Saturday afternoon I left without makeup to go to my sister-in-law's house, even though my eyes were a little swollen from crying hours before (my brother just got deployed to the middle east). Sometimes I'll opt for going without eye makeup, but it's pretty rare that I don't at least wear a little bit.

Take care! =]

Good luck with your surgery! It would really bother me to not be able to wear eye makeup! I feel so awkward without it!

Two weeks might seem like forever, however you have to make sacrifices in order to get something.

The two weeks will go by fast! Good luck and keep up updated.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!!! I had a sist (spelling), one of those things that women get in their boobs but like the eye version of it on my eye and I couldn't wear eyemakeup for a while. I had 2 of them and it was getting real bad cuz you could see the tiny balls, eeww! Anyways, I usually dont wear eyemakeup, but what bothered me the most was someone telling me I couldn't do it so I wanted to do it! LOL, long story short, dont worry about it, im sure you will look gorgeous with out it too

I had a small procedure done on one of my eyelids a month ago. I couldn't wear eye makeup for about a week. At first I was feeling almost naked and uncomfortable, but then I got used to it.

I used a tinted moisturizer and concealer under my eyes. A little bit of blush and a sheer lipgloss. I think I looked fine.

I did miss the eye makeup though. The day I was finally able to start wearing it I was so excited.

Good luck with your surgery.

thanks guys
I'm not sure if I'll be able to post after I get my eyes done, I have no idea how bad my vision will be, but hopefully i'll be back on MUT after only a few days

good luck with your surgery. i know everything will be just fine! i damaged my eye a while back and had to go without makeup for about a week. it was swollen shut so i was happy not to wear it, but i can understand how you feel. i'd skip the tint though, just to be on the safe side.

Ohh yeah I know how you feel, I HATE going out without makeup on... but I actually do it a lot, I have acne prone skin... and when I'm just having a lazy day and going to the grocery store or the mall, I don't wear makeup... my skin needs the break. Good luck with the surgery!

Originally Posted by pinksugar /img/forum/go_quote.gif have you ever had an enforced makeup break? how did you cope? how long was it?
I'll be interested to hear your opinions Sure, it's called being male. It means never to work, never to church, never to anything formal or semi professional. Makes Saturdays one of my favorite days. How do I cope. I just try not to think about it. Nothing like going to work and seeing girls wear makeup and know that I am not allowed to simply becasue of the way I was born.
Best advice? Try not to think about it. If you must, just think about after the eye surgery. Perhaps you can splurg and buy somethings you've been wanting. Thats what I would do. Just relax, you'll survive, and when it's over it's over. You can do anything for two weeks, it's really not that long.

I suffer from hay fever and can't wear eye mu when it flares up. Very annoying, I'm sure it makes you want to wear it even more. I'd wear sunglasses when possible! Thats what I do when I have to go out at short notice and haven't time to put my eye mu on.

All the best with surgery. It'll be worth it.

I decided not to wear any makeup from Jan 2007 and I keeping it up.I always used to wear foundation,mascara,eye makeup,liipie whenever I go out.I was sick for like 2 weeks(Nov 2006) and didnt wear anything and I noticed a change in my skin when I didnt wear foundation for 2 weeks.It felt much more softer and healthy and that is how I decided enever to never makeup when I go out except to functions,etc.I just wear only lipstick when I go out thats all.I feel much more self-confident and I feel "Ok I dont have anything odd to cover in my face" and I love the feel too...just natural.

Anyway good luck to u!

When I was suffering from depression and un-medicated, I went without makeup for a year. After a while, you get used to it...but I can't really comment since I was depressed and didn't care about anything, lol.

Good luck, Rosie. You deserve it, and you'll still be gorgeous without eye makeup!