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Jan 28, 2013
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I really want both the Naked palette (original) and the Lorac pro palette but I can only afford one(sephora gift card or I could afford none! lol). I was wondering if you guys would give me your opinions on either palette or if you have both which one you like better.



I have both and like the Lorac palette better for the variety of colors and texture. Naked palette has 2 mattes, both browns. Half of the Lorac palette is matte. Much more versatile IMO.

I have both palettes and I use the Lorac palette way more. I love Urban Decay and support them often. I raced to get Naked and Naked 2 and I rarely use them to be honest. I enjoy colored looks more than neutrals.

I cannot speak for the lorac pro palette because I do not have it, but given the choice between Lorac and Urban Decay, I'd choose UD eyeshadow any day. Everything I've ever purchased from lorac has ended up in a drawer untouched because for me, the quality just isn't there. Maybe they've changed their formula and made it better, but I'd go naked palette. 

I dont own neither and I am also confused on which one to get, I am leaning towards Lorac just because it has a whole row of mattes which i love

Lets us know which one you choose!

I tested the pro palette at the store and the formulas seem very nice to me!

I have the naked palette 1 and its nice but I'd have to agree that the sparkles are a little too sparkly.

I have the Lora Pro and some UD eye shadows, but not the naked palette.  I do like the formula a bit better on the UD shadows and the shadow on the Lorac is a bit soft, but as long as I tap my brush to remove excess I don't have any fallout issues. For me personaly, the wider range of colors (all very wearable) with the higher number of matte colors is a better fit for my make up preferences.  Also I think there are so many nude palettes out there that you can get something like that which is quite good much cheaper.  I picked up the Balm's Nuditude palette on Hautelook for $20 and that is a great one, again with more variety of shades.

I think it depends entirely on what you're looking for in a palette--it's not even a matter of quality vs. quantity, it's just a matter of what you'd actually use. Personally, I use N2 and the Pro palette daily but I almost never use my original Naked palette anymore.

In terms of quality, I think they're essentially on-par; just as easy to blend, not chalky, and just as pigmented. L: Lorac "gold" vs. UD "half baked" (w/flash); R: PRO "taupe" vs. N1 "buck" vs. N2 "tease" (no flash):


Naked I: palette itself has a magnetic flap and a tiny mirror. 12 shadows, only two of which are matte (nude and slightly darker nude). A lot of shadows aren't even shimmery, they're straight-up glittery. It doesn't even have a matte brow highlighter, or even a matte dark shadow. comes with a single-sided brush.

Naked II: huge improvement on the palette design--sturdy metal snap box, huge mirror, great for travel. 3 matte shadows: a cream brow highlighter, nude brown, and black (I think these three are essential to have if you don't already). The shimmery shadows, though, are a lot more wearable than N1--only "creep" has that typical UD chunky/sparse glitter, the rest are subtly shimmery. comes with a double-sided brush.

Lorac Pro: this palette is super slim; like N1, only has a magnetic flap. 7 shadows are matte, 9 are shimmery. In general, many of the shades are pinker in tone than their UD counterparts (cream, lt pink, mauve, garnet, etc). "nude', "champagne", and "lt bronze" seem a tad bit redundant, but other than that all the colors are very different. Be warned: when Lorac does shimmery, they mean REALLY shimmery. Here's N2's "busted" to Pro's "garnet" (flash on):

Because the Pro palette's shimmery shadows are SUPER shimmery, I'd say N2 shimmery shadows are more wearable/versatile. But in general, because of how many eyeshadows it contains--and how each shadow is different from the other--I'd say the Lorac PRO palette is more versatile, and a better bargain. Has every shadow you'd really need: matte black, dark brown, nude brown, shimmery shadows, brow highlighter, etc. Comes with travel tube of eyeshadow primer. 

In sum: N2 is more wearable (to me) and the palette itself is sturdier; PRO is more versatile (though still very wearable) and more bang for your buck. Hope that helps!

I have both Naked palettes (now with Basics I guess I should say all three) and the Pro palette. I also have the Artist palette from Laura Mercier which is also half matte, half shimmer. If I had to choose just one it would be the LORAC Pro (followed closely by the Mercier Artist). From a versatility standpoint, they are unmatched.

I have N1, N2, Nbasics, and PRO, if you've only got money for one, I would go Lorac Pro all the way, without hesitation. I use my lorac pro palette almost everyday, and if I don't its because I conciously say "you spent $50 on this damn Urban Decay palette you wanted so bad, your butt needs to use this"


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