UD Primer Potion being discontinued?!

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Feb 27, 2005
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I heard that the UD PP is being discontinued!?!?! anybody have any other info? Sephora and the UD site are out of stock


I hope not either!

I will
if they discontinue it!!!

if that's the case i will definitely have to put to use the buy one get one free we are having at ulta. although i don't use it that often, just in case.

The stores have stocks of it i just asked the other day and they said they have tons of it. Maybe thats just the one here buti got mine!

I havent heard anything but incase so...I suggest to try TOO FACED first or second base primers. Ist base is shiny and 2nd base in matte without glitter. Infact, I like it better than the UD one.

Originally Posted by Trisha i got this email back from the site:


It has been extremely popular and we are completely sold out. We are not expecting to come back in stock for more than a month or so, but no plans to my knowledge to discontinue it.

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YAY! I am still going to go to the Sephora near me and get a back-up just in case.
I was about to die.......I just started using it in the last 3 weeks and so far so good!

Aw and i was just about to say i'd be the hero and buy lots of bottles of it for the girls that needed it because UD only came to Cork a few months back & i know its not that popular here yet so i'm sure the counter would have LOTS in stock but i guess i cant do that now

They are still out of stock at Sephora.com! I wish they'd hurry up, I want to make an order

I almost had a heart attack when I read the title... I don't even have a back up!! Phew! Thank goodness it isn't being discontinued...

While doing some Googling, I found a site that sells this product for the UK. Not sure how the price is compared to the US though.