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Nov 6, 2005
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I dunno why I'm making it a big deal but it's out of my comfort zone...

...going to my first club ever! I've been 21 for nearly a damn year and have yet set foot inside one.

So I was forced to go now by my friends...

I'm not comfortable dancing, that's my thing so they said I can lounge and stuff. Yay. But still. Nerves! And I'm going with 3 hardcore partier... ugh. Lol.

They should be picking me up any minute now. *butterflies*

So anyone else get nervous at doing something they're not comfortable with?

Poor Celly Poo. Im nervous in any social situation, as you know..and with my stories of the roomates. Hope you have a good pics of your hotness k?

All I know is once your typsy(bit drunk) its easy to get out there and dance away

have fun!!!

yes! I hate clubs too but sometimes im so bored i know i need to get out! Im preparing myself for halloween clubbing. lol

I've never been to a club.. Just not my thing, I guess! But, I hope you have a lot of fun! You never know you might really like the whole clubbing thing!

Just go and have fun with your friends. Who cares what people think of you? It is not like they know you or you will see them ever again. Jut go and enjoy it!

What club are you going to?

Shooot...Celly come out with me and discover your inner Dancing Queen! After two Long Islands I morph into Michael Jackson...sans creepy little boy actvity and jack-o-lantern nose.

I went to a couple clubs a few times (i knew one of the bouncers) and I'm not a dancer at all....but it's different when you're drunk. I remember my first time at the club i was with my sister goofing around, dancing on the dance floor and some random guy came from behind me and touched my ass with his you know what and he was hard!!. I was so disgusted.

I love going clubbing. I promise you and anyone else nervous about the dancing, noone even cares how you look. It's so much fun and when you get relaxed and into the music, add a little alcohol and you will feel right at home.

To answer your question, yes, I hate being in social situations too unless I am with really close friends.

You'll have a wonderful time and after a drink or two the nerves will be gone. Have fun!!! I always get nervous around people I don't know and I was serious about drinking.......disclaimer: no driving, blah, blah, blah.

Lord going to clubs is still out of my comfort zone, I've been several times and I always get really nervous before. There should be lots of tables or couches to hang out at, just sip on a drink and people watch. Usually I end up having a great time, drink a couple drinks and go dance with friends and act silly. Maybe find a cute boy to talk to and dance with. But I've come across my share of *******s, and jealous drunk females, and people fighting and stuff....which gets old. I get tired of it really quick when I go and it's so packed and loud and hot. I get dizzy and uncomfortable and usually just want to go somewhere more mellow.

Originally Posted by KimC2005 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I've never been to a club.. Just not my thing, I guess! But, I hope you have a lot of fun! You never know you might really like the whole clubbing thing! ditto!
Clubs could be fun and boring at the same time it depends who you go with.Its has been a year I haven't gone to a club.This was our club routine buy a drinks walk around find a table then we used to go the restroom to touch up our makeup.We used to have so much fun.

Well I live in a major city (at lest for Austrian standards haha) so clubbing is always a must, and a very welcome change after a week of sitting around at school and studying.

I love dancing! Heck I´ll dance on bars, on a pole, on tables, whatever. You´ll get more comfortable everytime you go, Celly. Just have FUN and make the most of your first night out.

..and do tell us all about it!

I just got back in right now (it's 4 am) with a huge headache - ugh, hung over already. Haha.

We went to Taste, Mari... up in San Jose.

It was fun - I think I would've enjoyed it even more if more of my close friends came.

I danced throughout... I was so buzzed, I didn't care - even when it wore off. But it's still not my scene. For special occassions I'll go.

And Manders - you're on! Haha. You got my number, woman!

Pictures will be up soon.

My friend's cousin's friend knew the owner to Taste and he got us in free and gave us a round of free drinks. Since it was my best friend's birthday - he got her this good, big ass glass of drink for free as well.

Only bad thing (and Mindy knows) was that I was peeing so damn much before we had left. I get so annoyed when that happens... no chips! Haha. I always eat chips to absorb the alcohol so I won't pee so damn often. But alas, I think it was 6 times before we finally left to the club... hahaha. Ah well.

And yeah, I had some guys come up to me dancing - was funny.

I'm ready for bed before I start sending drunk myspace comments again....

I'm glad you had a good time! I can't believe the first time I went to a club was over 4 years ago! crazy!

Yay..I'm glad you had fun
I understand your nervousness though because I never dance right least not until I've had a few drinks!


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