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Nov 6, 2005
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Today was the first day back to the After School Program.

Been working there for 2 years... it's like a tutor/recreational program students go to after school for some hours.


I just got chewed out by the owner of the program!

Okay, since it's the first day - we don't have many kids in our program. I had 8 kids total in my class and the program had 50 in total instead of our 100.

So we got done with homework and the pre-planned assignments we were told to do by the STS (that's the company that owns the program).

So like we were outside doing freetime in the small playground. Small area... and the kids were playing around with these lizards they found going up and down the area. So I walked to my co-worker who is sitting down on her phone and I was catching her up on our changed rules because she didn't attend ASP during the summer. The kids would surround us one minute and then walk off with the lizard to a nearby area the next. Mind you, I am paying attention to what they're doing because they kept going in and out of the bathroom.... like while I was talking to my co-worker. Dun dun dun... our main boss all of a sudden showed up. I started walking towards him to greet him but nope - all I got was a yelling. He was YELLING at me like I was 6 years old.

"Are you from STS?" he says. Um, yeah - you KNOW my name... don't play dumb. I go, "ugh, yeah". Him: "why are you not with your students?! I dont understand why you're sitting down talking and not paying attention to these kids. Where are your kids?! I thought I told you - you had to be with your kids at all time... you can't just leave them unattended."


It was just BAD timing because he did not see for the past 3 hours me attending my damn kids. Nooooo.... I get yelled out for something so little and he exaggerated the hell out of it. He said if it happens more often - he's going to fire us or something.

I wasn't the only one being yelled at... at yelled at 2 other coworkers of ours. In FRONT of our kids... like, uggggh gets me annoyed thinking about it. I wanted to cry because he made me feel bad like I trully did something wrong.

So my site boss said that he had told her - he was going to make random show up like that perhaps to "catch us" if we're not doing what we're suppose to be doing. Ugggh.

I mean, I understand the safety measures and all that shenanigans... of course, been working here for 2 years. But it's like ridiculous how structed and strict they got us now. Even our pay hours have been managed - so no overtime unless requested and it's only rarely we can use it. Arrrgh!!!

End rant

I sub and one of the first rules of a good administrator is never yell at one of the other supervisors in front of the kids. You undermine them in a major way. Your main boss sounds like a moron.

I second that emotion! How can someone critize your professionalism when they lose all sense of theirs?!? Keep ya head up!

Man, seriously! It's like... I thought he was a cool guy at first but after him yelling at me.

Different story.

Ugh, I've NEVER had a boss yell at me before. I mean, I had site coordinators get pissy at me and restaurant owners having to set me aside and speak to me privately. But it was never yelling like he did and in plain sight in front of everyone... I heard he's been going around all the schools and we were the last stop - so he was prolly irritated by then. Bah.


Another notch to my list to wanna leave the program.

He sounds horrible! I know how you feel...I work retail and my last job, my boss LOVED to come and just complain and yell at me and tell me what a bad job I was doing in front of my WHOLE team, just b/c he was having a bad sucks, and that's why I quit LOL! GL to ya though!

Ugh, what an A$$!

he was probably having a bad day too, no reason to take it out on other people though -_- /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Excuse his beauty Celly, he didnt mean it LOL

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif Sounds like someone pissed him off and he wanted to pay it forward, jerk! He knows that you don't do something like that in front of the does he expect you to "manage" them if he is taking your "power" away in front of them. IDIOT!
Yep, true dat! You said it perfectly OHD. Sorry this happened to you Celly, that really blows.

Originally Posted by daer0n /img/forum/go_quote.gif Excuse his beauty Celly, he didnt mean it LOL AHAHAHAHA!
Sounds to me like your boss needs to go back to school and learn the art of how to manage people, it really sucks that you had a bad day!!


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