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Nov 13, 2006
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Nothing is as ugly as a cold sore. As sure as I get stressed or run a low grade fever here it comes. HOnestly, sometimes they look like tumors!! After many years, I have learned that this will hide them a little. Put on a matte lipstick that is close to the shade of the skin. If a scab has already formed, dab on liquid foundation, tap on some concealer and powder over it. Follow by outlining the lips with a nude pencil and then apply lipstick. Important: After using the lipstick, shave off the end you touched the cold sore with because you can re-infect yourself. These things are highly contagious!!!

ARGH! i hate them! i've been getting them since i was a little child. i usually get them if i'm stressed out, if my weight significantly drops or when i eat tomatoes. the thing that i found works is TEA TREE oil, as soon as you feel it appearing, dab pure tea tree oil every 5 mins for hours, and on thing i found that do not moisturize it!

Tea Tree oil--I will try that. I have had them since I was a teen. Just as you said, stress, too much acid, or a fever will bring one on. One good thing to remember --as you get older-you don't get as many. Experience speaking. LOL

I have been getting them for as long as I can remember. I just got one about 4-5 months ago that actually left a scar...That was the first one that has ever done that. I notice it everytime I look in the mirror and It drives me crazy. If I wear lipgloss it seems to make it more noticeable. I wish there was a vaccine for them.

I get them too...... uugh! I use abreva that i get from walmart... i think it works really well..... you just have to apply as soon as you feel it coming on.


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