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Feb 12, 2005
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US actress Uma Thurman has once again been chosen as the face of luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton for its upcoming autumn/winter 2005-2006 women's ready-to-wear line, the company said.

"The mood is deeper, more mysterious, very different than in the past. Uma is an incredibly beautiful woman and a great actress, the perfect choice to capture the new spirit of enigmatic charm and timeless glamour," artistic director Marc Jacobs said in a statement.

In the first images in the advertising campaign to be seen from August the "Kill Bill" star will be shown carrying the iconic Louis Vuitton Ellipse bag in monogram canvas.

Unlike her first campaign in which Thurman, favoured actress of director Quentin Tarantino, was photographed in a stark industrial environment, this time the campaign moves indoors into a more intimate setting.

Jacobs' collection has been inspired by Vienna in its heyday, and Thurman will be seen against a background of rich colours and sumptuous still-life orchids to reflect restrained luxury and sophistication.

Vuitton has used other famous faces in the past to publicise its products, such as model Eva Herzigova and US pop star Jennifer Lopez.

I love that ad that has Lil' Kim airbrushed with little LV logos. Hot!

Originally Posted by Joyeuux I love that ad that has Lil' Kim airbrushed with little LV logos. Hot! Do you mean this one?

sorry even with LV all over lil kim she still looks like trash,yuck!

I agree with Marisol,Jlo didnt do a thing for LV,im so tired of her ass!

i liked uma in the ads.

i didn't like j.lo. i don't like how she is so prima donna diva-ish. they say that she tried to take some of the bags when she was doing the ads!


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