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Mar 5, 2005
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Has anyone used Esteé Lauder's Uncircle Eyethreatment?

I remember using it a couple of years ago, and I then thought it worked miracles on my dark undereye circles. When I run out, I didn´t get it again because of the price.

I now use Cliniques All About Eyes, it does a fairly good job but not as good as I remembered Esteé Lauder's did.

So I wonder if someone else has tried it and if so was it that good.

I don´t want to spend all that money to just find out I imagined the good results


No Tussan i haven't but i've been looking for a product that works miracles on undereye circles so thanks for mentioning it!

I use Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer to cover mine up & i think it works great but i'd prefer NOT to have them than to cover them up every day. Maybe the other girls might have used it!

I used this in the past. it worked great for like a year, but recently it just stopped heaving an effect (I don´t know WHY!). but it reduced my circles to 50% I would say.

so I`m still looking for something new. but I´d give it a shot...haven´t tried anyhthing better than estee lauder

i haven't used that, but i did use chanel's eye tonic. here's what i wrote in my review...

i don't know how long i've had my dark circles, but it wasn't until about a year or 2 ago that my cousin pointed out i had them. since then, the only thing i see when i look in the mirror are dark circles. as i was shopping at macy's one day, looking for a good, undereye concealer, i stopped at the chanel counter, asking for one. the MA told me that it's best i use a treatment instead. she convinced me to buy it after telling me her son uses it all the time and it works. i was kinda iffy about it, but i took it home and looked up the reviews. it was 50/50, but i decided to give it a try, anyway. i was told it would take about a month to see results, but about a couple of weeks later, i noticed the circles were diminishing a little. i continued to use it and by 5 weeks, it was about 70% gone. the thing is with this tonic is that it doesn't get rid of the circles, but it's supposed to someone make the skin thicker or something along those lines. a month later, i left for croatia, so my usual routines weren't as they were at home, which resulted in my forgetting to use it for about 2 weeks or so. i noticed the circles showing up, so i began to use it again. about a week later, the bottle was empty. i was expecting to get more use outta it, even though i used it twice a day religiously (as it says to do). a few weeks later, i noticed my circles had shown up just the way they were before using this treatment. although i was glad i found something that would make them "go away" if i had a special occasion or something, there's no way i'd use this for the rest of my life, spending $50 every other month. i'd rather settle for concealer.


there's a pic of the tonic in the review.


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