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Jun 12, 2007
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IYO what MMU companies are underrated? Companies that get little attention on this forum. What do you like in this line?

I am hoping to "discover" some overlooked items.

IMO = Jenulence foundation/concealer formula. Full coverage and matt finish. I use this everyday as my concealer around nose, spots, etc. It is my usual foundation. (On good skin days I will skip foundation or use a light formula.) I plan on reordering while she has the 15% off sale.


Fusion of Color

I use just about everything from her line.

Tried other mmu but I just seem to go back to their items.

smoky mountain minerals is VERY good foundation. Comparable to lily lolo for me. but the color selection is very limited. but I can get light to work for me.

Purelycosmetics for me. I love their foundation, and they have a good selection of eye shadows too. They have samples and kits.

I have not seen much on bee luscious cosmetics, I see them on many other boards getting huge reviews on yahoo and such. I honestly tried the products and can say WOW really awesome quality.I finally bought when I saw the banner here on MUT and was skeptical at first but really WOW is an understatement. Everything I have tried as always impressed me on performance and results and the best part when I wear bee luscious I get compliments from strangers and lots of guys at work and even grocery shopping I have been asked what I wear because my skin is so radiant. Check bee luscious out they are the bomb!

Fusion of Color. Wide range of shades, great customer service.

Hm. Def. Radiant Minerals. Awsome foundations. Even better finishing powders and luminizers.

Pure Luxe minerals--powder eraser, translucent matte, yellow powder corrector, and her eyeshadows are great. Will custom mix foundation colors

DreamWorld minerals--beautiful eyeshadows that last, great customer service, foundations feel so good on and wear beautifully, will custom mix foundation colors

Originally Posted by avesoriano /img/forum/go_quote.gif sis i dont think those brands are underrated... they are mentioned here a couple of times... as a matter of fact i find them the top and famous brands in the mmu world
That's funny! I haven't been around this forum much lately, but I am a big LaurEss fan and am on MMM quite frequently and find LaurEss to be severely underrated. I think this of one of the nicest most well rounded product lines available and I almost never see it mentioned.
I also almost never hear about youngblood, but I tried their stuff and am not surprised they don't get much play, I found their colors odd and so glowy.

I would say the most underrated company that is really good and has proven it over time (meaning it isn't new), is LaurEss. Definitely worth trying and buying. IMHO. I love their blush and eye colors and almost never see those mentioned.

I agree that Lauress is underrated. I just received another sample order from them today. I had previously ordered samples from them before and liked many of the foundation colors but wanted to try one just a shade darker than what I had. There was a very slight mix up on my order and they responded to my email immediately and told me they would be sending out a correction to my order with no charge. How's that for customer service! Although I am not of mediteranean or hispanic decent, I have found matches with two of her colors in the Fawn collection (her olive tone colors). It seems that many of the mineral websites recommend olive for those with Italian or Latin backgrounds, but I have consistently found matches in the light to medium olive colors in many different companies. The olive colors look unappealing in the container (somewhat dull) but look very good once on my skin. So if you're having trouble finding a match perhaps take a chance on some colors you ordinarily wouldn't choose

I think Blusche and Pure Ananda is underrated. Yesterday I had a huge crying jag and using Blusche made me look sorta decent. I had been testing EM but I cant seem to get the coverage a lot of members are claiming. The only time I did was when they first introduced Intensive and it was perfect. Since then they have changed the formula and names so I cannot get a decent match. I am trying one more time and have ordered a concealer brush. I guess I need to conceal with this line.




These companies offer AMAZING foundations, truly HG material. J.Lynne also has very pretty blushes and glows, and awesome lipglosses.