Updated my Notepad, but . . . .

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Jan 3, 2006
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Can you guys see my ShoutBox? I see it fine on my computer in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, but Andi said she couldn't see it when she viewed my notepad earlier

I'm all freaked out now cause the other day my background was looking fine to me in internet explorer but then someone told me it wasn't there at all in FF! Now I use both IE and FF, just to be sure

oh I saw it Kee, I typed in a message but the message didn´t show up.

But like I said, don´t worry about it, it´s probably me being retarded lol

I´ll try again

edit: yup, we have official proof that I´m completely clueless when it comes to computers/internet and all that stuff.

I managed to post something on your notepad now, Kee.

LOL! Okay!

Yesterday when I redid my notepad the box wasn't showing up at all at first, I thought maybe that was happening again!

WOOT. Thanks for putting me on there...

... I was just thinking before I scrolled down, 'damn this page is sick' and it just got 10x better when I saw my name there as a link. Haha, nah.

When I use my paintshop - I'll have to snazz it up like yours. The chatbox is a nice add-on, btw.

Thanks Celly
I made a "How To" for the shoutbox in the How do I forum if you wanna add one too! (not that it's that hard to figure out on your own