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Sep 25, 2007
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I'm constantly reorganizing my vanity area. It already looks different from the last time I updated my stash. I've had to move stuff around because *ahem* for whatever reason my collection just keeps getting bigger...  I love my BoS palettes and they're so pretty to look at but they are ridiculously bulky. I have all of them except for the very first one that came out so I finally gained the courage to depot them into a magnetic palette.  I still have the packaging because they are pretty but I've stored them elsewhere. The palette is from stars makeup haven but I purchased it through all cosmestics wholesale.  I don't recommend them for anything but storage or careful usage. If you drop it on a hard floor I can guarantee your products will not be safe.  However, they work perfect for me since I'm just trying to save room and don't travel.

The glue was surprisingly easy to remove on most of them and I used a small knife to push them out. I wrote the number of the book of shadow and name of the e/s on a sticker and placed them underneath the pan so if I pulled one out I would know which palette it came from. Also, as you can tell on the far right, some had to be forced bc it was a slightly tight fit. I moved some around since not all the pan metals are shaped exactly the same.

I'm in love with the results. It's allows me to use my UD e/s more often bc now I don't have to dig through several huge boxes looking for the right shade.

I slightly nicked two or three of them and the only one that gave me alot of trouble was Perversion (first column, second to the last e/s).  *tsk tsk* look at all those Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.  Shame on you UD!

I've often debated on doing this, as the super bulky UD pallettes just sit on top of my rack, waiting to fall off.  I've been afraid that I would mess up the shadows, though. 

They look great in that pallette!


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