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Thanks for the link! This was really helpful because it showed even the discontinued shades! Now I know exactly which ones I need to get and which ones I don't need!

youre welcome.

it helped me figure out which ones i really dont need. i went to ulta yesterday (to get the false lashes i cant apply well!) and the UD section was pretty picked over. i havent seen their stuff in person for a while because von maur was the only store that carried it locally, and they got rid of UD and hard candy.

ive been looking for a gold shadow (mac goldmine has hardly any pigment, imo, so i swapped it away) and i had wanted el dorado for some time. i tried it out in the store, and it was really chalky and not at all the quality im used to from UD. i did add kiddie pool to my WL, though.


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