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Dec 4, 2005
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I was just at Sephora tonight and almost all of their Urban Decay had their price raised by $3. The eyeshadows were $19, Deluxe eyeshadows $20, and UDPP was $18. They are still the lower price on Urban Decay's website and on Sephora's site. So I don't know what's up with my store but I am glad I am stocked up on UDPP.

That's soo not cool!
that sucks !! and i was just complaining on how all the sephora near my home don't carry the brand anymore ! i'm in need of UDPP :/

I personally don't use UDDP products but i imagine due to the great demand and raves they have decided to increase the pricing.

WTF! Didn't UDPP already go up once this year by a dollar, and now it's jumping up by $2?

BTW, do they still have the Duo set available for $25?