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Oct 15, 2011
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Hey there everyone :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Basically, my hair is currently bob length and a reddy brown (dyed that way). I really REALLY want to get back to my natural dark blonde/lightlight brown hair colour. I'm thinking of using a brand called 'Colour B4 Extra Strength' here in the UK... I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of what color remover does to the hair itself? If it's too damaging I guess I'll delay it. But yeah, any info would be great. Thanks for reading xo

I've had success using powdered vitamin c to remove built up colour. But I don't know how much dye was actually removed as I have been dying my hair for years++.

You could try this first - will not damage or harm your hair. In fact your hair will feel quite soft.

If it is not enough then you can try Colour B4 Extra Strength or similar.

[SIZE=12pt]Mix one part vitamin C powder to two parts shampoo.

Vitamin C powder can be found at health food stores. Purchase at least $3 so you'll have enough if you want to repeat.

Put measured shampoo in a bowl (1/2 cup). Add 1/4 cup vitamin c powder while mixing with a fork to form a frothy paste. Work completely into your hair and leave in for 2 hours. Cover hair with plastic.
Rinse out, then shampoo and condition. Repeat the process if required. [/SIZE]


There is a decent amount of info on Vit C hair removal on the internet - google

I had bob length hair when I started to grow mine out. My hair is ashy blonde/brown and it was bleached at the time so it looked very awful. I just kept it in the bob and was cutting it off as it grew out. I couldn't use anything to remove the color it was fried so badly. Now its cleavage length and all mine! So goodluck!


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