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Mar 8, 2005
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I checked the reviews and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know of a UV protectant top coat for nails? My polish keeps fading from the pool and sun, it's driving me crazy. Sally Hansen has some good top/clear coats, but I think a UV one would be needed to stop the fading and dulling. 2 manicures ruined already.

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Originally Posted by Sofia (didn't know where I should put this, so MOD's please move if necessary) You are ok!
I have used the one that OPI sells. Its a bit expensive but I find that it works.

OPI MicroBond UV-Cure Top Coat OPI MicroBond UV-Cure Top Coat - A durable, high-gloss, long-lasting, chip-resistant finish for the MicroBond nail or nail lacquer applications. Cures in three minutes with the MicroBond Lamp and most other UV light sources. Odor free and non-yellowing.


Thanks Marisol. I couldn't find the OPI one you posted, so I bought Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Supposedly it has UV inhibitors to stop color from fading and keep color fresh. We shall see...


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