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Feb 12, 2005
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Vanessa Hudgens was on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday in a pre-taped interview before pictures of her hairy bush were splattered all over the internet. Vanessa was asked a question by an audience member not knowing what the future held for her.

The audience member asked, "When you read about young stars like Britney and Lindsay and them getting in trouble. How does that affect you personally? "

Vanessa responded, "Um...I honestly just think it's stupid. I mean it's easy to stay out of those situations. But yeah, I think it's easy to stay out of those situations. You just have to smart about your decisions."

Click here to see the video

Guess she should be taking her own advice. lol.

Well i know nothing about her but it sucks to make such a stupid mistake and now be known for just that. People need to stupid being so dumb and take pics like that.

I saw the show and everyone clapped when they heard her say this. How funny! Thats what she gets! Shes so annoying!


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