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May 10, 2007
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What do you think of the leopard print on ms. v? I say she looks stunning (as usual) I was surprised to see her in something this "sexy" because she always dresses cute and flirty. I say she working that dress and she's lookin good!
I've seen the dress on another taller, leggier, more curvier celeb and it looked hot, I forget who. But I don't think it suits this particular woman, she would look much better with something else that does not need alot of curves to fill it out.

She looks cute.....loved her on High School Musical, which I've seen about a million times thanks to my 9 and 3 yr

Hmm...the dress looks a little hooker-esqe on her. I think it's just the way it fits her body, though...

I don't like the neckline and the way it looks on her. I think it would look really good on someone else though.

i dont like animal print either, i think it looks vulgar.

The dress doesnt fit her propperly, she looks as if she had a big belly, which she probably doesnt have.


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