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Jun 11, 2005
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As much as I want to dislike this robot-like Woman I find myself loving her. This outfit is gorgeous. From the Pink Birkin Bag to the Pucci dress, to the adorable shoes....I'd wear it all. LOVE IT!
Love it. By the way, how do you put the pics in the thread instead of having to attach them, and then clicking on it?

Victoria Beckham arrived at LAX from the UK looking extra bright yesterday. She matched her Pucci mini dress perfectly with her pink ostrich Birkin and purple sandals. Although I don't normally advocate a matchy matchy look, it's nice to see Posh looking so cheerful. Now it would be nice if she had cracked a smile to complete the look.

What would you give her?
i give her a five, doesnt look TOO bad, but definitely not my style, and she always looks too tan to have such blonde hair, that's just my opinion though, i love the bag, but that is just about it.
Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif love her flats. Flats?? she wore flats?? omg perish the thought! (she said she would never wear 'em) HAHAHA
I was watching the British version of Coupling last night and they had a line that Beckham and her husband were destined to feel a strong attraction to one another because of everybody fantasizing about them, but frankly she's never done much for me and looked a lot better in the Spice Girl Days. Her face just looks so off.

definately needs a smile to complete this outfit. I think it's cute but she's dressing younger than her age. I'm not saying she doesnt have a rocking body, because she does, but that dress is really a lot more suited to someone 15-25. I reckon it looks good on her though


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