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Aug 28, 2005
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Its from the aura science line called heart, awakened. I found this lotion at their semi annual sale this summer and I'm in love with it. I've used almost the whole bottle and went back there to buy more a few days ago and couldn't find it anywhere, the store was over crowded and all the sales aids were busy so I left without asking. Does anyone know anything about, I hate it when I find something I love and its been discontinued before I can stock up

Originally Posted by Marisol Did you check Ebay? I have never heard of this scent before. I had never heard of this before I saw it at the sale either. I was thinking maybe it was discontinued a while ago and they brought it back for the semi annual sale, like B&BW does with their discontinued scents. I will check ebay..thanks.
Let us know if you find it. You could also call VS and see if its discontinued.

I heard that the aura science line was being discontinued. I love some of the lipsticks! Not sure but that is what one rep told me. Keep us informed

Aura Science was a line that the Limited Corp and Shisheido collaborated on. They had a few stores for just this line in the US. They closed down all the stores (there were only a handful) and gave VS a few of their products. I think the fragrance you mentioned was put out only for the semi-annual sale, which means that in January if there is any left they will put it out again.


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