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Feb 12, 2005
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After leaving its lingerie tucked away last year, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is coming back.

The show, yanked from the air after Janet Jackson's breast-baring performance in the 2004 Super Bowl, is returning to the runway, CBS announced Thursday.

CBS aired the show in 2002 and 2003 before deciding to pull it last year in the wake of "Nipplegate," when the Federal Communications Commission cracked down on all things racy, raunchy and risque.

But the decision was more a way for Columbus-based Limited Brands, the operator of Victoria's Secret, to re-evaluate its promotion of its products, Chief Creative Officer Ed Razek said last year.

The hour-long show features top supermodels sporting the company's latest lingerie. It also typically incorporates singers, skits and an orchestra.

Victoria's Secret offered a Webcast of its 1999 show, but the site's server collapsed within 20 minutes when 1.5 million visitors tried to log on.

Yeah it's weird how they cancelled it b/c I don't think their fashion show is raunchy or risque. It's tastefully done, and there are worse things on TV nowadays.