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LOL, I have NO idea. Must be a new creation.

Originally Posted by Haloinrverse straight from the lambs ass, eh? I would assume (no pun intended) it's a lamb's @ss loofah for your cheeks based on the description. Who the hell knows why they created it...another reason to avoid strange products.

Getting back to the question @ hand, I've tried his lip stains & love them. A cousin of mine snagged it b/c she loved it so much (& Lord knows how much I already have), so I couldn't tell you the shade. However, this looks like something I wanna check out:

LOL It's for blending blush. Personally I don't see the need for it. Laura Gellar has one in her line too. I love his creme concealer and can't live without it!
It's a yellow/orange creamy soft concealer. It covers my dark circles and it blends great. I've heard that his Liquid canvas foundation is really good and is recommended for dry skin. But, it's expensive.

Originally Posted by Haloinrverse any must haves from vincent longo? are there any products that theyre well known for? so far ive only tried a lipstick, and it was just ok.
also, what the hell is this? lol.

does anyone really need this?

I've never tried anything but i've often heard people rave about their Lip Stains (what Gail was talking about) maybe you should try one of those Jasmine

thanks everyone. gail, i think youve awoken the lemming within. :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

im dying to try out that water whatever foundation. for $52.50, it better be something else. i hate liquid/cream foundations, but maybe this one is extra special.

another one i was interested in was the lip/cheek stain. i wonder if its any different from anyone elses stains.

that lambswool thing is still silly. just use a darn brush!

Holy smokes, $52.50? I thought Armani & La Prarie were expensive so this stuff better make the skin face look superb.


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