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Jul 14, 2006
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I have a question for anyone out there who uses vitamin C serum regularly. I've been using retin-a for several months with good results, but was thinking about incorporating vitamin c into my routine. What kind of results should I expect to see with regards to my skin? Does it basically just contribute to refining texture and helping with discoloration? How about side effects? I'm not too sensitive and can usually tolerate treatments fairly well as long as I'm careful. I also tend to be oily and acne-prone, even though the retin-a has helped tremendously with the acne. From what I've read so far, I would apply the vitamin c in the a.m. on clean skin followed by sunscreen, and continue using my retin-a at night. Is this correct?? TIA to anyone who can help.

Oh, btw, I was thinking about ordering the vitamin c from PSF. Has anyone tried theirs, and if so, how do you like it?

You are correct! I use a vitamin C serum in the am under my moisturizer, then I use a retinol cream at night. I don't use it every night yet though, because it does cause some redness and it makes my face peel. I've read this isn't unusual until your skin gets used to it. It helps even out your skin tone and I swear my pores look smaller! hth

How long have you been using it, and which brand do you use? Are you using it every other night?

Thanks for your help!

I've been using it sporadically for a couple months like every 3rd day. I could've probably upped it if I was using it more regularly. which I wasn't. I'm trying to now, though. I bought Retinol 1.0 from SkinCeuticals. Here's the link. I bought it because of the reviews on that site. SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 Skincare Product at

For a Vitamin C serum I've been using SkinMedica. I've been using this for probably 3 months or more. It's pretty pricey, but you only use one small pump for your whole face and it's lasted a long time. They also have sales alot for regular customers where you can get 10 or 20% off, which helps. SkinMedica Vitamin C Complex Skincare Product at

Thanks so much for the info!

Originally Posted by vtmom /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks so much for the info!
No problem! My pleasure! Hope it works for you!

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