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Feb 17, 2004
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-Mostly From Vogue Magazine, the rest by Cali-

A Sense for Scents

Understand and unleash the beautiful power of fragrance


All in the family

Woodsy, oriental blend, green-- what do these terms mean? Quite simply, names like these define basic fragrance family groups. Although every fragrance creation has its own unique personality, a fragrance usually falls into a family because it shares common key ingredient combinations in the middle and base notes. Here's a rundown of the most basic families.

Single Foral -- A fragrance with a recognizable scent of a single flower.

Floral Bouquet -- A fragrance composition based on a combination of floral notes such a rose, jasmine, gardenia, lilac an other popular flowers.

Spicy -- Fragrances in this family contain pungent notes such as clove oil, cinnamon, ginger, and lavender.

Oriental Blend -- Sophisticated, erotic and mysterious, oriental blends are achieved through a blending of exotic flowers and herbs.

Green -- These types of fragrances denote the zest of freshly cut grass and dewy-green leaves- it's used popularly in youthful, energetic scents.

Fruity -- This family leaves the impression of full, ripe, edible fruit scents.

Citrus -- The oils of lemon, bergamot, lime, tangerine and bitter orange blossoms are used to create the citrus group's clean, tangy scent.

Woodsy-Mossy -- Sandalwood, rosewood, cedar and other aromatic woods are combined with earthy oak moss and fern notes to create a foresty, crisp scent.

"Memories, imagination, old sentiments and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Protecting Your Investment

Get the most out of your fragrance by keeping these tips in mind.

[*]If your skin is dry, it will not retain fragrance as long as oily skin does. Moisturize your skin and apply your fragrance generously.

[*]Don't save a fragrance for special occasions. Over time, opened fragrances spoil and evaporate -- wear what you love today.

[*]Keep fragrances away from strong sunlight. Perfumes should be kept in a cool, dry place, preferably in the box that it came in.

[*]Perfume is most effective when appplied with an atomizer -- it diffuses the alcohol, so the true fragrance clings to your skin

Fragrance Facts

[*]Never try more than three different fragrances at a time. Defined by perfumers as "smell fatigue," it's a fancy way of saying your nose will get mixed up.

[*]Warm weather strengthens a fragrance's impact. In the summer months, try lighter versions of your favorite scent.

[*]If wearing perfume, apply it to your pulse points. Those areas include behind your ears, on the insides of your wrists, at the temples -- where you feel your pulse beat.

[*]Since it's lighter than perfume, Eau de Toilette can be sprayed on your hair for a long-lasting aura of scent.

[*]Cloogne, the lightest form of fragrance, can be used more lavishly than other foms of fragrance because it contains a greater concentration of water.

Variety of Scents (mostly new) to Check Out:

SCO (citrus scent)

a subtle blend of bergamot, white blossoms, amber, musk, and citrus. A pure, complex, understated fragrance. Completely unisex.

Georgio Armani -- Mania (Woodsy/ Oriental Blend)

Sparkling fresh laurel, mandarine, and pink spice is combined with feminine notes of lily of the valley, peony, and contemporary cedar, amber, and musk to create a fragrance that is designed to seduce with simplicity and style.

Fiorucci-- So Sexy (Woodsy/Mossy)

a musk-based scent sweetened with green apple, lemon, and soft sandalwood finished with a seductive hint of precious patchouli.

Calvin Klein -- Eternity Moment (fruity floral)

a "fresh-squeezed floral." Contains Lychee, Guava, Pomegranate, Chinese Pink Peony, Passion Flower, Nymphea, Musks, Rose Wood, Raspberry Cashmere.

Roberto Cavalli -- Just Cavalli Her (floral oriental, spicy)

Just Cavalli Her is a refreshing, spicy blend of Sicilian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon, and bamboo leaves mingled with soft floral notes, earthy amber, vanilla, cedar, and powdery musk.

http://a1377.g.akamai.net/7/1377/5720/20040707180124/www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P70257/P70257_sm.jpg Paul Smith -- Extreme for Men (spicy)

It's woody, spicy, and unexpected. Tonic notes of hesperide with fresh, cold spices give the scent its unique character; the heart of incense is further enhanced with the floral hints of geranium and the beauty of rosewood.

http://a1377.g.akamai.net/7/1377/5720/20040820180046/www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P78903/P78903_sm.jpgClean -- Provence (floral bouquet)

Reminiscent of pure soap and water, freshly laundered linen, and open blue skies, Clean Provence will pamper you with its inviting, just-lathered, delicate fragrance. Provencal Lemon, Cotton Blossom, Rose Geranium, Sweet Lime, Violet Musk.

http://a1377.g.akamai.net/7/1377/5720/20040714180119/www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P74522/P74522_lg.jpg Bvlgari Pour Homme (fruity)

This is the scent for the man who is comfortable with himself. This is a cool, elegent scent containing Hesperidic, Spices, Dry Woods, Musk, Amber.

http://a1377.g.akamai.net/7/1377/5720/20040728180120/www.sephora.com/assets/dyn/product/P7392/P7392_sm.jpgDavies Gate -- Perennials Powder Wand (Green Scent) *Not new* Perennial fragrances include Lavender (fusion of French, Spanish, and English Lavender); Rose (blend of three rose varieties); Sage (fresh, green, unisex scent): and White Clover (Spring's first bloom and freshly mowed grasses).

Aug 23, 2004
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I have just tried the new Pure Poison but i like the old one better. My faves are Poison Cristalle Chanel 19 L`heure bleu Mitsouko Beyond paradise Nude Diorella Eau Givenchy.


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