Vogue Honors Sandy First Responders

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Aug 15, 2011
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Vogue decided to honor Sandy first responders with some photoshoots that are stirring a little controversy. What's your take on them--absurd or tasteful?

Absurd IMHO.

Those photos have an awkwardness that is unappealing. I suppose you could look at it from the viewpoint that they are art and should provoke a reaction. However, it feels like they are selling haute couture under the guise of honoring the first responders. If you want to honor someone, honor them. Don't muddy the water with your own agenda. 

Somewhere in the middle. The first three strike me as odd, especially the third one with the girls wearing the beautiful shoes in the icky ground water. The last one looks like the beginning of a photo shoot for a naughty coastguard calendar haha.

Edit: I do like the idea of honoring first responders though!

I love the idea of honoring first responders and other unsung heroes, but would agree with page5. These unsung heroes could have had makeovers or something with spotlight profiles on several. This just looks like a fashion spread, the models and fashion being the spotlight. Gauche and tactless to be trying to turn such an obvious profit on a horrific event. Just my armchair opinion, though lol.


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