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Sep 9, 2011
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I am considering studying Makeup Artistry in the US they all look so great and are so professional and helpful. I guess they will tell me what I want to hear. So as per usual I want to know the opinion of the neutral and so I ask:

Which is better MUD or Cinema (both are in California)?

Feel free to send me your advice and tips on any others also!  thanks!

I personally haven't been to makeup school and I don't know if anyone on the site has. I'm sorry...

I may go to one of the MUD workshops one of these weekends when I'm back home, but I find it slightly off-putting that they market their own makeup line. Dunno why, but it just...bugs me. That said, they do have their textbooks available via Amazon, which gives one an avenue to kind of look and see if they appeal.

I know of people who've gone to Cinema, and their reviews are mixed. Granted, they were going for the movie and FX stuff, so it could be different if you are focusing on beauty make up.

I am actually going for the movie and fx too! I would like to hear more about their reviews before making that expensive decision!


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