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Hiya! Well, I'm about to go watch a movie with my hubby. We just got home from grocery shopping, and he's hanging some frames for me (we just moved into our first house, which we recently bought), so we can get this place looking like home for when my family comes to visit in a few weeks!

I'll be in and out this weekend, though. I'm most active during the week, morning and afternoon. I work from home, so I have MuT always up in one window, and work in another.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Well hope the frames come out straight, and good luck with the family coming down, lol I freak out when my moms comes to visit, she is a neat freak, one thing of dust somewhere and i will hear it. Oh way to go on the new house, me and my hubby are tring to find land, to build our own place. But it is a long process.


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