Walgreens trip tomorrow--suggestions plz!

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Jul 27, 2012
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So I'm making a rare trip to Walgreens tomorrow and was looking for makeup suggestions. What's new that's good? What's old that's a "must-have"? The only thing I really *need* is a good product to fill in my brows. I've tried CG's pencil and WnW's powder. Oh, and I have a weakness for lipgloss. Enablers: enable away!

Check and see what the fliers say...Usually drugstores are great about buy one get one 50% off with cosmetics. I did a mini haul at Rite Aid because they had some Revlon on sale, probably the same at Walgreen's. I'd look at the new WnW Fergie edition stuff..there's some cute items in there!

I just now came from Walgreen's and they had out the new savings books so that has a few coupons in there. The one new thing I picked up was the Wet N' Wild liquid lipstick, they had a few pretty colors (plus they had dollar off stickers on them so were $1.99 each) and a Jordana Fabuliner which I seem to be hearing a lot about.


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