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Nov 6, 2006
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Im stuck I dont know what color combo to use. Will you all help me. All of these are from the MAC combo list.

1. Club with Amber lights [crease] and shroom for highlight.

2. Surreal w/ Club.

3. Amber lights & Golden olive.[done]

4. Swish all over lid from lash to brow. Satin taupe from lash to above crease.

5. SAtin taupe & Cranberry.

6. Swish w/ Woodwinked.

7. Swish w/ Steamy

8. Something compleatly different.

I say #5 just because I think the Cranberry is a nice twist! lol.

What is this for? I'm too curious! lol.

Thanks girls. Ill probably do all of them sometime lol.

Its just because I cant make up my mind. I just did Amber lights and Golden olive.


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