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Jun 9, 2007
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my boyfriend went to the bakers and found a putty cat in the road and brought her home! yipee! i have been telling him i want a cat. shes tiny and fluffy and sooo soft! we already have a puppy so anyway i wanted to ask you all what to name her? give me some cute names! and when she saw our dog she almost attacked him so how do i get them used to each other?


Originally Posted by AngelaGM /img/forum/go_quote.gif How about since he found her at a bakery,maybe name her Muffin? Ooooh good idea! I second this!

Anyway, about the cat and dog.. it just takes time. There is a lot of good information on the internet, and you just have to find something that works for you. There are a lot of helpful strategies out there. My cat is *still* getting used to my moms new puppy (a bichon/shihtzu cross), at first she didn't even want to be in the same room but now she's more tolerant. But if the puppy gets too close, she lets him know.

Good luck! And you'll have to post pics of the kitty soon!

shes very skinny so i doubt shes got an owner.

i dont have a cam but she looks identical to this one

muffin was the first thing i thought of because of the bakery!!

lol bakery inspired names are cute - Muffin, Cookie, Sugar, etc.

We have a black cat named Gypsy, and we just recently rescued a 9-month-old (or so) kitten from a shelter. She's white/cream with gray tips on her ears and a gray tail, and she has grayish blue eyes, so we named her Misty. It just suits her, with her fur and her eyes.

cute! In australia most animals get microchipped so it's easy to check if they have owners.

If she definately doesnt then I think muffin is an adorable name, or some other bakery related word!

what a cutie! the dog and the kitten will take a while to get used to each other, it's just a matter of finding their places in the family hierarchy

hmmm Cupcake, Brownie, Sugar, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cookie, Muffin... anyone think of any bakery-related names? I think pretty much any of these would be cute.

Originally Posted by Sirvinya /img/forum/go_quote.gif Have you made sure the cat doesn't already have an owner? I was thinking that too. An infant feline will lose weight very quickly if they are away from the house for even 2-3 days, so skinniness does not determine whether they already had a home or not. Is the kitten micro-chipped? Have you checked?
i have a friend who got a cat and then they bought a small dog i mean in the begining they didn't like each other but then they just got used to each other. when they will they will just be friends. and the kitten looks really cute i almost got another cat today but its not time for us yet.

Awww, a putty cat!!! I only have a dog, and my kitten (my poor little Rex) got lost long ago, so I'm no help...

But...I think all the bakery-related names are super adorable...I also thought about "Mocha" since she's white and cream.

thanks for the ideas! im still thinking about it.

we will take her to the vet and even though i know he will tell us for sure there is no chip in her. no one and i mean no one chips cats and only a few people do their dogs.for the most part people over here dislike cats and think its okay to hurt them.

and almost no onw will keep a cat in their house like i will do or a dog for that matter.

what i didnt tell you guys is that i need to think of a name that sounds right in greek as well because i speak greek with my boyfriend so every name you sugest i say it in my head with a greek accent to see if it sound right. but only very few sound the same in english and greek like my dogs name lina or my other dog at home "dizzy" i looove that name as you can see!


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