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Mar 9, 2007
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Hello Ladies, I know a lot of you are very creative!! SInce My grandpa passed away In february of last year, she will not be attending my wedding in may. I am having a picture of her blown up for display at the wedding, She loved elephants, so i wanted to incorporate something elephant in my wedding. I cant seam to find anything except elephant place card holders but im not WOW about it. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thank you so much!!!

she also loved buterflys so im thinking once we get married we have a white butterfly that we let go after the ceremony



what about using an elephant plant stand and putting your flower arrganements on at the end/beginning of each isle in the church and then bring them to the hall and put them on either side of the head table.

Elephant Ice sculpture? I have an image of it being huge - that prolly wouldn't look right, haha.

I like Dee's idea w/ the elephant flower pot(s). I really like your butterfly idea too!

I also like Dee's idea and the releasing of a butterfly.

do you know they also have candles special for such occasions? i think they can write a name or poem on it dedicated to a person you want it for.

also check out ebay they have lots of elephants in collection area it might give you an idea.

some people like having a picture of their loved one and a candle they light in the church.

i wish i could do something like this for my grandad. i may be putting his name on the wedding invitation so thats something


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