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Feb 10, 2004
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Hey everyone, I'm getting married this summer and I need some help with makeup! I have blonde hair, very pale skin with cool undertones, and small, deep-set blue eyes. I'd really like something to make my eyes stand out since they about disappear when I smile! I've heard that using pale eye shadow makes deep-set eyes stand out but otherwise I don't know what to do. Any suggestions for eye and lip colors? I don't want to look really made-up since it's an afternoon wedding, but I do want to do something a little special! Oh, and my dress is white if that helps. Thank you!

I have blue eyes too and I prefer browns for day time look and burgundy/grey shadows for night time look or when I want to wear more eye makeup. I like MAC Shroom eye shadow for all over the lid and Cordroy in the crease for a very simple natural look. I line my eyes with a black eye liner and use black mascara. I tried using brown eye liner before because a girl I used to work with used to tell me that black is too harsh on me for an eye liner but when I tried the brown I think it made my eyes look sick. For the lips you could just use a natural color lipstick (similar color to your lips, for example Laura Mercier Just Lips or Baby lips lipstick) or if you go with strong eye makeup then do nude lips ( I love MAC C-thru lipgloss for natural lips and Lustre lipstick in Jubilee color for a nude lipstick that doesn't look orange on me since I'm so pale) and a hint of bronzer all over to give you color. Hope this helps! Good luck with the wedding!

Thank you!! I've heard beiges and pinks are good to bring out deep-set eyes, so I might experiment with some browns and beiges on the eyes!

Congratulations on getting married and i hope you have a wonderful day! Since i am dark haired i am unsure what makeup colors would be good on you but i have a blonde friend who looks lovely wearing pinks,silver or grey eyeshadows. She also likes to use a peachy blusher. There are a few tips and tricks to making your eyes appear larger, and you're right to use a pale color to bring your eyes out. Here are some guidelines for correcting deep set eyes; Your goal is to extend the lid and socket area while diminishing the brow bone. Apply a light color to the eyelid and socket. Apply a medium skin tone shade to the brow bone.Then create the illusion of a higher natural eye crease by using a medium dark eye shadow above the crease line.Apply a thin line of eye liner that can widen a little above the pupil to draw attention to the center of your eyes and then extend the line upward following your lash line. Apply mascara on all lashes or you can use false lashes to bring out your eyes.

I agree that light colors would definitly help bring your eyes out. My eyes are a bit deep set as well and lighter colors really make them pop. Just be sure tho to look for colors that are either matte or just have a slight sheen b/c anything shimmery could make you just look oily or create a flash on all those important wedding day pics. Like somebody else said I believe, don't over emphasize the browbone with really light or frosty colors, it will make your eyes look deeper. Also lining your top lashline might bring your eyes out more.

Congrats! For lipcolor, if you want to stay natural, look at the inside color of your lips and with match that color of lipstick or go one shade darker. That will look soft and natural but add a kick to your color. I have deep set eyes too, so here are several eyesahdow options. Option 1. 1. Put a light shade all over the lid (from lash to brow) 2. Then (with a "crease" eye shadow brush or a "shader"..also called a "blender" eyeshadow brush) use a medium dark eyeshadow in your crease. Now here is the tricky part....most people follow the crease of their lid BUT actually you need to follow your EYE SOCKET which is a little higher then your crease if you have deep set eyes (the fatty tissue of the lid gets in the way). This will make you eyes look bigger and more open. i would suggest a brownish purple. Sonia Kashuk (you can get it at Target....her products are like Bobbi Brown but cheaper) has a really good one. 3. Line only the BOTTOM lash line with a golden brown from the center of the eye to the outer corner.....if you are heavy handed with eyeliners only put 2 dots there and blend it from the center to the outer corner with a makeup brush (I prefer the flat white eyeliner brush to do this) or you can use a Q-tip. This will keep the eyeliner looking soft, instead of a heavy line. 4. No liner for the top lashes. If you noticed you have purple on top (for color..and it makes your eyes look bright) and GOLDEN brown (don't pick a muddy brown) to make the cool in your blue eyes bluer. 5.Ok....this is the hard part but it works.....get a white pencil.....yeah I said white, I didn't studder...and line the bottom INNER RIM with it. It will make your eyes look whiter and bigger. After you do this you will notice a lot of celebrities (Hale Berry is one of them) that this trick is used to make the eyes look bigger. 6. Curl your lashes (if you blow dry your lash curler it locks in the curl...just be careful not to get it too hot) Ok mascara time.....2 coats on top lashes (I would skip the bottom lashes..but if you want too anyway, only do one coat). Please comb between coats so you don't have spiders. If you decide to do fake lashes I would suggest Ardel #110...long but not too long and natural looking. To keep the fake lashes looking natural, curl your lashes AFTER you put on the fake makes your lashes mix with the fake ones better. Option 2....this one is a little more dramatic and I call this one the "sunset effect" because you have a stronger color at the lashes that fades up the eye 1. put a light shade on from lash to brow 2. Get the medium dark color and apply it from lashline to crease (follow your eye I mentioned above so when you open your eyes you should be able to see some color a little past your crease) 3. get a grey or dark brown pencil and just line the top lashes, and lightly smudge 4. curl lashes and add 2 coats of mascara on just the top lashes 5. now get a gold or white frosted eye shadow and line the bottom (or just the bottom inner corner) and smudge it with your finger. This will make your eye look bright and had a youthful glow to your eyes. Bonus** if you want to really get fancy you can use 3 shades....1. light shade all over....2. medium burgundy shade from lashes to slightly past the crease.....3. a darker shade from lashes to crease (on top of the burgundy one) then use the pencil as instructed above. This will add drama to the a sunset has a little bit of a reddish color to it...this will give you an extra "kiss" of color to your eyes. If you are heavy handed with eyeshadow...don't worry....just finish with the lightest shade all over the other eyeshadow to help blend better. Now you know my secrets! Candace Corey Makeup & Hair Artist

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Thanks for the detailed post! This is great! No problem. I love sharing makeup tips. I'm a if I post tooo long feel free to let me know.

Candace Corey

Makeup & Hair Artist

Love the helpful posts. You might also try a very light, frosty type of eyeliner toward the inner corner of your lower lids. This helps me bring my eyes out. When I got married in the summer, I wore very little foundation since it is hot outside and concentrated on my eyes and used a very natural looking makeup for outdoor pics. Good luck and congrats!!! P.S. try eyeliners that are not too sparkley, just creamy. If you cry easily, you might want to consider a good base! LOL

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