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Aug 3, 2005
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Hi everyone just letting you all know Im still here I drop in somtimes without posting much..

not too much new with me ..

found out 1 of my 3 cats has cancer... is not doing too bad now but will likly have to have her put to sleep somtime soon is sad fot me... have had all 3 cats for 14 years its like saying goodby to a a close friend for the last time...

but I will be OK dont wory bout me..

will be going to a musical with my wife tonite ...Celtic looking forward to a nite out

takl to you all soon..

dont be afraid to drop me a few lines anytime I do check in often...

Love You Guys


Sorry to hear about your cat<3

We have 3 cats too. We just had one put down not long ago because of a failing liver. Now, like you, we think one of our other cats has cancer [she has huge lumps on her tummy..]. We're having them removed and tested at the end of the month. Yet, our oldest cat [who is 24] is still rather healthy for his age.

Good to hear from you, Paula. I'm so sorry about your cat. It is always sad when we have to say Goodbye to our furrybabies.

We've missed you around here. Have fun tonight and check in more often.

Aww I'm so sorry about your cat Paula

I'm glad to see you around too!

Oh I'm so glad to see you post!!!

I'm sorry about the cat
I really hope to see you post some more when you can. Take care of yourself.

Hi Paula!! Glad to see your still sorry about your Kitty. I hope everything works out. Take Care Okay.


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