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Dec 12, 2003
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Mine are fairly boring, so maybe I can live vicariously thorugh some of ya'll

Right now, I'm just bumming around online, and I'll probably do some homework later this afternoon. Tonight, I'm going to a birthday party for my uncle.

Tomorrow, I'll sleep in, go to my grandparents for dinner and spend the afternoon; in the evening, I'll go to church and hang out at my uncle's for awhile.

No fun plans for me

So what are ya'll up to?

Hi FiestyFemale,

My weekend plans so far have been quite busy. I had an appointment with a Chineese Herbalist and my boyfriend and i took my Gran out shopping in her wheelchair and had a great time whizzing round the shops. We went for a coffee and i treated her to one of her favorite scones. She is 79,but had a great day out.

Today i am just chilling and relaxing and catching up with MakeUpTalk, because MuT is a big part of my life and i love it here. Later on i will be watching a programme myself and Laura are addicted to called 'im'e a celebrity get me out of here!' Its been good fun to watch.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.

My weekend was pretty relaxing... uneventful - but nice. Just bummed around the house yesterday... went out with my boyfriend last night to "Dave & Buster's" for some games & dinner... today went for breakfast w/ him and a friend at the diner... the picked up some stuff for Xmas for some people I work with... Now I'm watching the Grinch dvd - my boyfried is sleeping... and I'm gonna get some milk & cannoli cake downstairs and play around online!

I did nothing exciting.. Stayed in Friday night & watched TV.

Babysat my 2.5 year old cousin, that was hilarious! Spent 40 minutes on my cross-trainer & my muscles are still killing me. Watched Taking Lives (Angelina Jolie, Ewan McGregor) on Saturday night (after the show Candy mentioned that we both are hooked on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!!).

Bummed around at home yesterday & helped Mum hang up all the Christmas decorations.. Why is it that every year without fail ONE set of lights from the Christmas tree don't work???!!!

My weekend was a typical weekend for the last part of the semester -- spending all day working final projects and homework, with just a few quick breaks to check email and stop by this forum! (I spent over 6 hours in the computer labs on Saturday and another 4.5 hours on Sunday, working on a group project computer program, with the rest of the weekend spent working on homework at home.... Next weekend I will be studying non-stop for finals!) Fortunately hubby did the laundry for me because I sure didn't have time!

Sounds like you'd a very tiresome weekend girl-geek... It will all be over soon & hopefully you'll be able to relax over the holidays

LMAO! You got it in one Janelle.. Dam those flamin Xmas lights


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