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Sep 9, 2007
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Title explains it all, Whats the weirdest eye shadow combo you've tryed(good or bad)? Mine was black and pink =S it didnt work out lol
ummmm..... I have never tried any thing other than the neutrals... and little bit of pink......... But thats why i am here, to learn

.....but when i do, i am going to make my first fotd post.... !!! lol

i did a purple and yellow e/s combo in spirit of the lakers, but even though it wasnt too great (this was before i discovered MUT) i would love to try it again now with my mad MUT skills! LOL!!!

IMO i dont think there are weird eyeshadow combos it all depends on how your use the color how good you are and what shades of that color you are doing. Makeup is art look at all the crazy art out there many people think its beautiful and put there heart in it. Its the same with makeup you just need to play with the colors.

I like to wear MAC teal pigment with pinked mauve in the outer V. Sounds like it would look funny but it blends into a nice purple in the middle and the teal pops its beautiful, you gals should try it if you have similar colors.

My weirdest was a hot pinked red paired with gunmetal.

Truthfully, not a weird combo at all - the colors looked lovely together.

But weird on me since they weren't really "my" colors.

I could have paired the pinked red (very saturated and intense) with a deep chocoalte brown and looked ok, or done the gunmetal with a gold or bronze to warm it up and been fine, too.

But the high contrast, cool toned saturated colors were pretty "stagey" on this pale redhead.

Just play - you never know what you'll invent!

Originally Posted by krazykid90 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I once mixed a pink and purple color that looked horrible together. Pink and Purple together is awesome!! Just keep experimenting.

I have never done these colors - but orange and green and red and green sound completely weird too me. I can't imagine how to blend them...

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif I have never done these colors - but orange and green and red and green sound completely weird too me. I can't imagine how to blend them... With Red and Green I would think the blendedpart would be a muddy brown...but it would be great at Christmas!
I tried the Almay Intense i-Color Trio for green eyes (dark mauve on the lid, forest green on the crease, and lime green as the highlight); the colors were way too dark and intense against my pale skin. I got funny looks all day long. I still wear the colors but not together and not in that combo.

I think the weirdest I ever did (and this was RIGHT after I found MuT) was a pinkish-beige highlight, silver in the crease and gold on the lid. Now that I look back at it, it was HORRIBLE. Not blended at all and did not look good together. LMAO

It would have to be the time I paired a creamy metallic icy purple with pure black, oh ick it looked so bad I cant believe I went out like that!!!

Another bad one was a frosty bright pink with a shimmery orange as a highlight. Ahhh!!! The colors were both brand new and I didnt know what they looked like in the sun / natural light. I wake up before sunrise, so I applied them in my room, and to me the colors looked like a nice soft pink wash with a pale shimmery highlight. Luckily the sun came up and I checked it out in natural light before I went out. The orange looked SOO awful on me, as soon as I saw it I ran inside, removed it ALL, and re did it all lol. I have never used that orange again.

In my punker days in the 80's I used to use blue and yellow. Then I had white eyeshadow too. I used to get compliments, tho. I don't do that anymore tho, I'm sure it would look rediculous on me now.

I did blue and pink... and I got it to work. But so little occassions call for a combo like that.

Mine was a pinkish copper with green (like St. Patty's Day green). I thought the pinkish copper was too thick and didn't look right, but I had several people wanting to buy what I was wearing that day (this was when I sold m/u). I've tried it with a sheerer wash of the pinkish copper and I like it better.

When I was younger I used a matte brown eyeshadow with a really light frosty white cream eyeliner lined on my top lashes. I'm cringing right now just thinking about it.


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